Selecting web hosting among a bunch of options is a bigger deal than building a website itself. I was confused about the same when I came to know about FastComet and DreamHost.

Let’s see the FastComet vs DreamHost USPs Comparison 2023.

I know about DreamHost as it has been in the hosting industry for 20 years. FastComet is a new name yet promisingly better web hosting company compared with its competitors. This 8-year-old company competes with DreamHost in offering high-quality hosting services of equal quality. That’s where the confusion starts.

And always remember, the age of the company doesn’t guarantee you the quality of the service all the time. I have not made a choice yet. Go through the entire article and learn how I have been able to differentiate them.

Before we compare the common services, which causes the actual confusion, we must talk first about the noticeable USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) of both service providers that make them stand out in their service delivery.

FastComet vs DreamHost

USPs of FastComet:

1. Free Domain Transfer

FastComet doesn’t charge for transferring your domain to its native platform. Having the domain hosted on a native platform improves the speed of the website hosted on the native servers as the communication between the two will be inside the premises.

This feature is usually charged by the service providers and will take up to 7 days. This is not a standard time though. It depends on the service provider to the service provider.

2. SSD-Only Cloud

SSDs will have better read-write speeds compared to non-SSD storage devices. Having your website hosted on an SSD cloud hosting server will contribute to the cutting down of the website load time on the whole and accelerate the website in terms of performance. You will find a significant difference when you are accessing the media files from the sites.

3. Free Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare helps your website to load faster from the nearby server and enhances performance. When a visitor opens the website, the browser requests the FastComet servers in the close by geographic location. This will cut down the network nodes between the visitor and the server thereby improving the request and response speeds to the visitors.

4. Powered by cPanel

cPanel is a powerful control panel to manage all your hosting effortlessly. You will also get one-click installation apps and frameworks from the panel along with powerful file and database management options.

I’m impressed that FastComet prefers to provide cPanel instead of a cost-effective custom dashboard.

5. Daily Backups and Weekly Backup

FastComet offers premium daily backups and weekly backup services absolutely for free while other service providers charge for it as an extra benefit. If backups (website data like files, images, videos, etc.) are your main concern, and you have no big budget, FastComet should be on your shortlist.

6. Free 24/7 Priority Support

FastComet offers its customers 24×7 support, which is one of my priorities when it comes to web mastering. Customer support service is the confidence for noobs to get started with web hosting.

7. Free Managed Site Migrations

It is easy to transfer your plans without losing any data files during the process. FastComet itself will take care of your migrations from their end which assures security to the website, app, or database that you are hosting on their servers.

8. 100% Satisfaction or 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

FastComet gives its customers an option to request money back if they are not satisfied with its services. FastComet offers a 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee for shared hosting, and 7 days for VPS/dedicated hosting.

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USPs of DreamHost:

1. Employee-Owned

Having the stock owned by the employees, DreamHost offers reliable service services with the dedication to comfort the user in his journey with them. The motivation of the employees is the ownership of the company itself and so the quality is assured at a granular level. However, there is a difference between an employee working and an owner working to make things better in business.

2. Privacy-Focused

When you buy a hosting or a domain, you would have noticed receiving spam marketing SMSs, and emails offering web and app development right after the purchase. DreamHost takes this privacy issue seriously and offers free WHOIS privacy where the marketers cannot see your details on the radar.

3. Commitment to Security

DreamHost offers multi-factor authentication, auto sFTPs, and free secure hosting for its users to safeguard the data from hackers and other types of attackers.

This surety impresses me to opt for DreamHost as I prefer privacy and security seriously for my websites. 

4. Support for Open-Source Apps

DreamHost webspace is compatible with major open-source frameworks. You can install these frameworks from the cPanel itself with one click and manage them like a professional.

5. 24/7 Human Support

The 24×7 support is an obvious expectation of a company that’s been in business for 20 years. Handling issues at any time of the day or night would become easy with the all-time available customer support team.

6. 100% Uptime Guaranteed

This is a bold claim that any other hosting providers are afraid to claim. 100% is only possible when the servers are running parallel in shifts. Many web hosting service providers agree to the fact that they can only offer 99.99% uptime as the transition between shifting servers might take 0.01% of the time in the crack.

Differences between FastComet and DreamHost:

You cannot compare the USPs. They are unique by the nature of their offering. If you want to compare the features of any two web hosting services, you should go with what they offer in common. Let’s go through the differences between FastComet and DreamHost and see which one suits your needs well.

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The following table will give a glance at what both service providers offer:

Shared HostingYesYes
VPS hostingYesYes
Dedicated hostingYesYes
WordPress hostingYesYes
WooCommerce hostingYesYes
OpenCart hostingYes
Magento hostingYes
Cloud object storageYes
Site BuilderFastComet site builderWP website builder
Custom Web DesignYes
Email HostingYesYes
G SuiteYes

Shared Hosting: FastComet vs DreamHost

Both service providers offer value-for-money services for the prices they charge. FastComet shared hosting plans (FastCloud basic Plan) start from $3.95 per month whereas DreamHost’s charges start from $4.95 per month which is an affordable price compared to DreamHost.

FastComet Hosting

With that extra $1, DreamHost offers you unlimited traffic for 1 website hosted whereas FastComet can only handle traffic up to 25,000. DreamHost offers 3.5 times more storage for this extra $1 on its basic price. 

There are two more plans in shared hosting charged at $5.95 per month and $7.95 per month that offer an extra 10 GB of SSD space respective to its previous plan. These plans offer double the CPU cores, traffic, and RAM progressively.

dreamhost shared hosting

DreamHost also offers one more plan at $8.95 per month with unlimited emails, unlimited websites, unlimited subdomains, unlimited site storage, unlimited database, and unlimited FTP users.

FastComet vs DreamHost Winner: With extra space, bandwidth and many unlimited features at $1 for its basic and pro plans makes me lean towards DreamHost.

VPS Hosting: FastComet vs DreamHost

DreamHost knocks out FastComet in offering VPS hosting services. For the basic plan that FastComet offers at $47.95, DreamHost offers triple the benefits, that too at $7.95 less than its basic plan.

fastcomet vps hosting

Unlimited email address, free SSLs, unlimited traffic, and 120GB massive space for $40 per month is a clear steal deal on the DreamHost website. At this point, I found FastComet is rather expensive.

dreamhost vps hosting

FastComet vs DreamHost Winner: I would choose DreamHost for their reliable service.

Dedicated Hosting: FastComet vs DreamHost

Both FastComet and DreamHost offer very good hardware specifications for the prices they are offering. FastComet offers 4 different dedicated hosting plans but DreamHost offers only 2. So, it is a bit harder to compare these two on a fair scale. 

The expensive plan on DreamHost and FastComet comes at $279. FastComet offers a humongous hardware configuration with a 16-core CPU, 32GB RAM, 640GB SSD, 7TB bandwidth, and incredible server speed as well.

fastcomet dedicated hosting

Whereas DreamHost offers a 12-core CPU, 16GB RAM, and 2TB SSD space. This gives the user two options, choice for space and processing power.

FastComet vs DreamHost Winner: I would go for better processing power with 650GB SSD. The winner would be FastComet in my opinion. If you have storage requirements, DreamHost is the better choice. However, DreamHost also offers better configuration though.

WordPress Hosting: FastComet vs DreamHost

When it comes to WordPress hosting, DreamHost’s service made sense to me. Because when I tried to explore details on FastComet about WordPress dedicated hosting, it took me back to common hosting prices.

I agree that these normal hosting plans have control panels with the 1-click installation of open-source apps and frameworks, but having a WordPress Dedicated Hosting would be clearer and easier to address the issues to support. 

dreamhost managed wordpress hosting

And having a framework dedicated to hosting will optimize the website better for loading speeds and uptime.

DreamHost offers WordPress Dedicated Hosting plans starting from $16.95 which progressively goes up to $71.95 per month.

FastComet vs DreamHost Winner: DreamHost with no second thought according to me.

FastComet vs DreamHost – FAQs

Is Fastcomet Better Than Dreamhost?

FastComet has its own USPs that stand out from the DreamHost web hosting services. If you are specifically looking for a hosting service for your e-commerce hosting, FastComet will be your best choice.

Is Dreamhost Better Than Fastcomet?

DreamHost has better offerings with its shared web hosting, and VPS hosting plans. 20 years of industrial experience has been used by the experts in devising the plans for the right requirements.

Is Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Better Than Fastcomet WordPress Hosting?

Yes! DreamHost offers managed WordPress hosting whereas FastComet mixes this plan with its shared hosting plan. The managed WordPress plan will always have its benefits, from technical support to customer support. If WordPress is your technology, go with DreamHost for better management tools. 

Which Hosting Service Offers WordPress Website Builders?

Both the hosting services have their website builders. But DreamHost has its own WP website builder. This is one of the ‘WordPress managed to host tools’ that I was talking about in the previous FAQ.

Which Web Hosting Is Costlier? Fastcomet Or Dreamhost?

Comparing both the web hosting services, I noticed that each service provider has its cost-to-value proposition except for FastComet’s VPS hosting that I found too much costlier than DreamHost offers comparatively.

How To Apply the Fastcomet Coupon Code?

FastComet currently intakes two coupon codes, SAVE70, a shared hosting discount plan for 70%. You can apply while checking out and get the discount applied automatically. Our browser extension has identified another coupon code HAHOT75, that was successfully applied in the past 24 hours. Check this one too and I hope it works for you.

How To Apply the Dreamhost Coupon Code?

DreamHost is offering a 67% discount on shared hosting and up to 92% off on new domains. You can grab these offers from this link directly on their website.
If you have any more questions, please ask in the comments below, we will update them in the article after intense research. 

Does DreamHost offer WordPress Hosting?

Yes, DreamHost offers WordPress basic and managed WordPress hosting services with awesome support, so that you can concentrate on content creation and conversion. 

Does FastComet use cPanel Hosting?

Yes, like other hosts, FastComet also offers industry-standard cPanel hosting so that you can manage your website easily. cPanel hosting is so user friendly and easy to use, even if you are a beginner or have never used cPanel hosting before, you can manage your website in an easier way.

Wrapping Up

That is all in FastComet vs DreamHost, and I am quite sure that you are able to make the right decision when choosing any of them.

I was skeptical about DreamHost’s claims about 100% uptime. After looking at the way they segregated their plans proves their roots of experience in the industry for 20 years.

FastComet is no less than DreamHost. It offers special hosting plans for WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento-specific e-commerce applications which DreamHost hasn’t thought about yet.

I had a requirement for 3 applications. One for e-commerce, one for WordPress, and one for a user-generated content website just like social media networks. I have chosen FastComet for my e-commerce application, and DreamHost for the other two requirements

Think before making a choice. See if you can get the most value for what you spend. All the best. Don’t forget to share your experience with both web hosting providers in the comments below.

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