The First name we get in 2023 when we think about Free Web Hosting is GoogieHost. Some People also say, “Looking for Free Web Hosting in 2023? GoogieHost Review is Here😉”. Many individuals believe that GoogieHost is a US-based company, But GoogieHost is an Indian Company established in 2012 with just two pillars, Mr. Rajesh Chauhan and Mr. Aman Singh.

One very minimal point but very helpful for some, GoogieHost’s Website is also available in the native language of India which is Hindi. You can easily understand their plans and features in Hindi as well.

Mr. Rajesh Chauhan is the Founder of Googiehost; Rajesh Chauhan wanted to start his online journey and make his name in the market, but he faced barriers such as the cost of a domain and web hosting skyrocketing. An ordinary man could not afford it.

Rajesh Chauhan took the initiative, and he decided to make Web Hosting & new domain registration affordable for the common person. In 2012, Rajesh founded GoogieHost which offers 10GB storage with 100GB Bandwidth web hosting for just $1 per month.

GoogieHost Review – About Company

GoogieHost Free Web Hosting Provider

GooieHost is a Free Web Hosting company, and its headquarters is in Lucknow, The So-called Nawabo Ka Sheher. The company was founded by an Indian Blogger, Mr. Rajesh Chauhan made GoogieHost one of the fastest-growing Free Web Hosting Companies in India, China, and the USA.

GoogieHost is India’s Most Famous, Reliable, and Free Web Hosting Provider which gives the most promising services to its customers.

GoogieHost has servers in countries like India, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, and Australia. One more thing to mention: This organization is developing quickly, which incorporates cloud-based Hosting like WordPress WooCommerce with Super Strong Servers.

GoogieHost Review – Features

GoogieHost is the Best Free Web Hosting Provider; imagine a company like GoDaddy is Advertising itself on GoogieHost; there must be something concrete with GoogieHost. It’s nothing but its features, so let’s talk about it now.

 1: Unlimited Subdomains and FTP Accounts

Let’s suppose you don’t have your own domain name; then don’t worry you can use GoogieHost’s free subdomain services to create your website instantly. ex:

You can always create an unlimited subdomain using any of our domains that are already available in your hosting account for free.

Manage your website FileZilla or any other FTP client using your FTP account details which come with no limit here

2: Free DirectAdmin Linux Web Hosting

GoogieHost will give you free access to DirectAdmin, where you can quickly build your website by using Googiehost’s WebSite builder tool, or you can also use tailored HTML Templates.

GoogieHost Admin Panel

With the help of this client dashboard, you can take a look at invoices, domain names and type of hosting service, and the space you have occupied. As you can see in the above image, there are enormous options for your customization, backup, account files, etc.

The cPanel gives complete control of the site, and you can also install various software for your help.

3: Free Website Builder

Googiehost understands that not everyone is a tech geek and has fallen for codes, so it gives you a Free Website Builder, where you can create your website with some very easy drag and drop facility and can insert the image or the content of your choice with just a few clicks.

Create a professional look website even if you do not have special coding or programming knowledge with our Website Builder.

GoogieHost has a large number of website HTML templates, which you can easily download from your control panel and re-upload after editing.

4: 1000MB SSD Disk Space

Most Companies nowadays use HDD or Regular SSD drivers, but GoogieHost uses the latest NVMe SSD drives, which are 600 times faster than regular HDD or SATA drives.

GoogieHost gives you 1000MB SSD Disk Space for Free, whereas the native companies will charge you for using their Disk space.

5: No ads on your website

GoogieHost won’t post forced advertisements on your hosted website, more like Freemium Hosting is provided by GoogieHost. Googiehost is the best and the most reliable Free Hosting Provider.

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6: Free SSL certificate

Many Free Hosting providers will charge you extra bucks for an SSL certificate. Do you know what it is for (SSL Certificate)? SSL certificate gives a secure certificate to your website, and it will also encrypt your requests to the server. With SSL, none the hackers can breach your data.

GoogieHost gives SSL certificates for free while its competitors charge for SSL certificates even if they call themselves Free Hosting providers.

7: Support

A question might appear in your mind, Free Hosting, Free SSL certificate? Are they (GoogieHost) giving any customer support? Hell yeah!! GoogieHost offers 25*7*365 customer support services, and GoogieHost also managed to have the most friendly and knowledgeable customer care executive.

Their customer support team is ready to solve your queries 24X7, however, they currently offer ticket support options only, we will launch a chat soon.

GoogieHost  Review – Hosting Plans

Are you looking for the best free hosting provider? GoogieHost is this most famous free hosting provider but wait, and their Free hosting also feels premium, but what if you want to go one step ahead? GoogieHost offers some exotic Hosting plans with almost Unlimited resources, and trust me, GoogieHost is the right solution for Free Hosting as well as Primimun Hosting.

1: Free Hosting

Googiehost free hosting plan comes with 1000MB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, 2 Email Address, and 2 FTP and this plan has the features like cPanel DirectAdmin, SSD, Website Builder, MySQL Databases, free website templates, SSH, PHP all versions, one-click CMS installation, spam protection, free SSL. GoogieHost may be one of the best hosts which gives a free plan with ads-free, 24*7 customer support, and Cloudflare.

2: Paid Hosting

GoogieHost premium plans start at 1.2 USD per month with an additional 70% discount on the annual plan with 5000MB SSD, 50000MB Bandwidth, unlimited transfer, regular backup, and all the features with the free plan.

  •  5000 MB SSD Storage
  •  50000 MB Bandwidth
  • Single Websites
  • Unlimited Transfer
  •  Regular Backup

What Do Users Get with Free Hosting of GoogieHost?

  • Web Hosting
  • 1000 MB Free SSD Disk Space
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Softaculous – Free one-click Installation
  • website builder tool is free
  • easy to use Cpanel
  • Free unlimited Sub Domain name
  • SSL
  • 2 FTP Account
  • 2 Email Account
  •  SSH
  •  PHP
  •  Spam Protection

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Why is GoogieHost the Best Free Hosting Provider?

  •  Googiehost provides 100% free web hosting with a lifetime enrolment.
  •  Googiehost gives cloud-based server hosting even in free hosting plans
  • 1000 MB SSD free to use in free programs; it is much enough for a small and medium website.
  • Googie Host provides 100% free cPanel even to the free plan users.
  • Zyro Website Builder is included with their free plans, and it gives easy drag-and-drop options.
  • Googie Host provides unlimited free sub-domain names, so if you don’t want to buy a domain name, you can use the sub-domain names of Googiehost.
  • The control panel provided by the Googie host is easy to use and user-friendly, so everyone can easily handle it and quickly everyone can understand it.

GoogieHost  Review – Pros

Believe me or not but everywhere you will see some pros and cons but here on hostingframe you will see some in-depth Pros and cons which are not covered on any website.

Let’s Start with the Pros:

  • They use NVMe SSD drives which are 600 times faster than their competitors like HDD and SATA drives.
  • They Do not force any advertising on their clients’ website
  • They Offer FREE SubDomain
  • They Give cPanel Support which will help you keep an eye on your resources and to customize your website easily.
  • 25*7*365 Customer Support
  • They Use LiteSpeed Servers Which are 20 times faster than NGNIX
  • They give you 1000MB FREE Storage

GoogieHost  Review – Cons

Now let’s talk about the cons of GoogieHost, here you will see the Honest Review of GoogieHost, No Favouritism.

They don’t have any calling feature available these days                                                                          

You cannot have multiple accounts.

You need to turn off your adblocker if you want to use their free services.

Frequently Asked Questions | GoogieHost Review

 Many Questions arises

Is GoogieHost legit?

Yes. Everything you heard about GoogieHost is legit, they are the best Free Hosting providers.

How do I use GoogieHost?

Simply search GoogieHost on google then open the website then click on free hosting select the domain name and you are done.

How do I install WordPress on Googiehost?

Their Softaculous Auto Installer comes with 300+ popular scripts, you could install WordPress, Joomla, SMF, etc in just one click.

How to Create FTP Accounts?  

▷ Log in to cPanel
▷ Look into the Files section, then click on FTP Accounts.

FTP Account in cPanel

▷ Enter the necessary information in the required fields.
▷ Log in
▷ Domain
▷ Password
▷ Re-enter the password
▷ Directory
▷ Quota

Create FTP Account

▷ Click Create FTP Account

Final Verdict

Well, I won’t take too much time of yours in clarifying much about GoogieHost, but yeah while reviewing GoogieHost I pointed out that they focus on Speed and optimization so that their customers can feel the real speed of LiteSpeed Servers.

I hope I satisfied your queries by pointing out some of the most important facts about GoogieHost. Hope you liked my article.

If not then do comment below for some more suggestions and queries regarding GoogieHost, By the way, GoogieHost knows itself better, so it will be a good option if you contact their customer support team for any queries.

Thank you, that was all about Googiehost Review 2023.

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