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HostArmada - Affordable Cloud SSD Web Hosting

With the boom of the digital world, everyone wants to offer their services, expertise, or views online by creating a website. Here comes the explicit use of web hosting.

In simple words, web hosts provide you with space on the web and technologies to publish your website.

Web Hosting constitutes a pivotal part of your site’s overall growth. From security to better client experience, many essential things rely upon your web hosting.

One might get overwhelmed by so many options available from companies that provide web hosting services. Host Armada can be your one-stop solution for all your hosting needs.

Let’s dive into the HostArmada review, considering its features, hosting plans, pricing, and customer support.

HostArmada Review – About Company

HostArmada Hosting

HostArmada is an affordable web hosting company that provides users with a fast, secure, and reliable web hosting service at a very reasonable price. It was launched in 2019 and had its headquarters in Delaware, U.S.A.

This company is growing rapidly and provides users with domain services and SSD server hosting, which include cloud-based Hosting like WordPress WooCommerce with dedicated servers. 

They have servers in countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Singapore, and Australia.

HostArmada provides a guarantee for each and every product of theirs, and no cancellation fee is charged if the users feel that the service is not satisfactory.

HostArmada Review – Features

HostArmada offers tons of powerful features and resources to create an online website faster. Here are some striking features of HostArmada:

1. Smooth and Intuitive Interface

HostArmada comes with a specialized client area and a popular cPanel having smooth interfaces for both.

HostArmada Dashboard

In HostArmada client or “client dashboard,” you can manage everything right from the hosting costs to domains and other things in one place. 

You can use the client area to easily access your billing details, invoices, orders, domain names, and hosting services. 

The interface is fully mobile-friendly, so you would have no problem accessing the HostArmada account from your mobile.

HostArmada cPanel

In their cPanel dashboard, you get the cPanel quick access functionality where you can manage everything, including your e-mail accounts, files, backups and domains, databases, etc.

cPanel is used for managing websites and applications. However, it is regulated and adjusted according to the requirements of HostArmada.

It allows users to add domains and subdomains to their accounts, manage emails, use file managers, retrieve backups, maintain data, use apps through auto-installer, and many more additional benefits.

2. High-Speed Performance

Speed is a crucial point to check the efficiency of any website. HostArmada has a tremendous digital infrastructure and resources to ensure that it provides excellent speed to its users.

These resources give their clients fast loading time for the websites that are featured on their servers. It stores the copies of web pages previously used, i.e., Web caches, which prevent the system from getting overloaded and ensure high-speed usage of the sites.

HostArmada Server Response

The top features to achieve this speed are:

Cloud Technology

The service offered by them skips the mandatory downtime that is required for hardware maintenance. It uses the hot-swapping technique for each hardware component and achieves zero downtime for the hosted websites.

Native SSD Storage

The latest Solid-State Drives are used to power all of their servers. Thus, this helps in achieving optimal read/write speeds. These optimized operations ultimately help in improving the loading time of the website.

Redundant Network

Every network present in their data centers is backed-up to handle any sudden events like outages etc. Thus, this improves the network speed and makes it fast but redundant enough to support almost 99.9% connectivity for all websites hosted via them.

Latest AMD CPU

To unlock the potential of their services, they utilize the latest AMD Epyc processor. These processors form a powerful CPU Cloud stack. To achieve lower cost and high efficiency, one can use a distributed topography on many servers.

3. Guaranteed Uptime

Uptime is the amount of time for which a website is functional and running smoothly. It is another helpful factor along with the speed that you should be considered to ascertain the utility of a website.

 It would be best if you continually monitored the hosting server uptime of web hosts to assess whether the website is really reliable or not.

HostArmada Server Uptime

HostArmada guarantees 99.9% uptime like most other service providers. To check its uptime percentage, HostArmada uses software, namely: Jetpack. In case the user is unaware of Jetpack or does not want to use it, the person can use other software to monitor the uptime.

However, no company can ever guarantee you that there would always be a higher uptime rate because of many reasons like maintenance schedules, technical issues, etc. 

Yet every website has to assure maximum uptime rate to its users, and so does HostArmada.

4. Free Website Migration Service

If the user wants to transfer his/her website to HostArmada, then it is quite easy. HostArmada has a highly trained technical staff ready to transfer your data too, free of cost. 

They will easily migrate everything – files, folders, databases, and emails from your previous host to the new Hosting.

For availing of this service, the user should submit a message asking for the transfer of the website to the “Website Transfer” Category. Each website is different; hence there is no standardized method for the transfer of websites.

5. Data Centers

HostArmada has data centers all around the world, including India. The users can use the services by contacting the nearest Data Center. In order to ensure the fast speed of the website, the users should access the data center nearest to them.

Here’s the list of HostArmada data centers:

HostArmada Server Locations
  • Fremont, Dallas, and Newark (United States)
  • Toronto (Canada)
  • London in the United Kingdom (Europe)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Singapore (Asia)
  • Bangalore (India)
  • Sydney (Australia)

6. Bulletproof Security

Protection of a website from malware and attacks and hackers is the most important and the biggest challenge for website creators. 

The technical team of HostArmada is well aware of this fact and takes the necessary steps to protect your website at all costs.

It offers a powerful security system to ensure all-around shielding of the website. It includes free SSL certificates, daily data backups, and account isolation software for website protection.

HostArmada has developed a web application firewall (WAF) to prevent any SQL or XSS attacks. It also provides quick security assistance for the dangers that may harm your website.

HostArmada Security

HostArmada partners with Imunify360 for malware protection purposes. The user can log into his/her cPanel and scan for any kind of evident threats to their accounts. 

Along with that, Imunify360 sets default activity if it detects malware on the website. Distributed denial of service is a threat that makes the website inaccessible even for legitimate applications. 

HostArmada has included DDoS shield software in the server itself to prevent any such malfunction.

Some other security benefits offered by HostArmada are as follows:

  • Fast Patching: Any kind of security loophole on the server level is amended as soon as it gets reported.
  • Daily Backups: Data is the new age weapon. Losing your data might render you helpless, and it might be your biggest nightmare. Host Armada backs up your data daily to safeguard you from any malicious activity, leading to data loss.
  • User Account isolation: Remember those days when radio antennas would catch some other signal, and your favorite Kishore Kumar song got replaced by rock music?  Under shared Hosting, HostArmada provides User Account Isolation which prevents user interaction with each other.

7. Incredible freebies

Another fact about HostArmada is that it offers a wide range of attractive freebies for its clients. It is one more reason why HostArmada should be chosen for your website Hosting. The freebies include:

Free SSL certificates:

SSL certificates are a primary requirement if the website should be recognized and secured to an HTTPS version and establish a secured connection with the browser.

HostArmada provides free SSL certificates to use for Unlimited Domain pages. The number of domain pages will depend on the hosting plan that you choose. 

The advantage here is HostArmada can install the SSL certificate free of charge on your website if needed.

Free Domain Registration and Transfer:

Many web companies charge extra fees for the registration of domain names. But HostArmada provides this service for free. You need not pay for the renewal of the domain till you are their customer.

They even provide a free domain transfer if you are using the HostArmada domain. You will get to use a free private Domain name server (DNS).

Free Private DNS

A private DNS is generally provided to you along with your domain name so that you can change your name servers given to you by your web host. 

HostArmada offers a free private DNS with all its hosting plans except its shared hosting plan.

8. 45 days Money Back Guarantee:

You can test their services, and if you do not like their service, they provide 45 day Money Back guarantee. In case they fail to meet your expectations, you can avail yourself of a full refund from the company by contacting them. Total Monetary Value, isn’t it?

9. Excellent Customer Support

In the case of customer care, there are three ways to approach: By Phone, chat, or ticket. The representatives are pretty helpful, and friendly and provide all the detailed information.

HostArmada Support Method

The two main aspects of customer support are good behavior and immediate resolution of problems found in the Armada support team.

Considering all these features and benefits provided, HostArmada is often considered an inexpensive method of hosting.

HostArmada Review – Hosting Plans

HostArmada offers various types of hosting, as discussed below:

HostArmada Hosting Types

1. Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting lets multiple websites use a single web server on a shared basis. Shared Hosting is the cheapest available option. It is usually preferred, as the cost of the web server is divided between the customers.

HostArmada is one of the companies that provide shared hosting options. The price is between $3.99 – $5.66 per month. 

You get a free domain registration or transfer, free website transfer of up to three websites, and an SSL certificate for all the domains and subdomains. They also store your daily backup on remote servers.

2. Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server (VPS), as the name suggests, is a virtual server dedicated to you. Host Armada provides VPS Hosting at the price range of $41.21 – $101.21 per month. Here, you get benefits like root access, remote backups, and scalable solutions.

3. Dedicated Hosting

Under dedicated Hosting, unlike Shared Hosting, you can lease an entire web server, and your websites would be stored there. You will have complete control over it.

HostArmada provides dedicated hosting at the price range of $149.00 – $329.00 per month. The costs are higher than other types of hosting because you lease the entire web server and enjoy its services. Here you get dedicated CPUs for you, a hardware network firewall, and root access, i.e., complete control.

HostArmada even has customized solutions for WordPress, Woo-commerce, and Magento Hosting.

4. WordPress Hosting:

WordPress is the most commonly used CMS. With most websites built using WordPress, the probabilities are very high that you are looking to host your WordPress site. HostArmada provides a specific hosting service for your WordPress Site. Some of its features include:

1 Click WordPress Installer:

If you are hosting your site for the first time on WordPress, HostArmada makes it a seamless process for you by facilitating a one-click WordPress installer.

Low Number of Clients per Server:

The number of sites being hosted will be significantly less to provide optimum load time and website performance on a shared network.

Cloud SSD Technology for 99.9% Uptime:

Cloud-powered Shared hosting servers provide optimal uptime with minimal to almost zero hardware failures. SSD-powered storage considerably boosts the speed of reading/writing operations.

5. WooCommerce Hosting:

Do you have a WooCommerce online store? To host your site, HostArmada provides these services:

One-click WooCommerce Installer:

It helps you to deploy WooCommerce quickly and configure every installation separately.

Automatic Daily Back-ups:

Using the Offsite Backup solution provided by HostArmada, you can back up with just a click.

Web Server Cache:

Caching is a technique that allows websites to load quickly by replicating the resource and serving it immediately when requested. Thus, it leaves a small resource usage footprint. This technique helps the websites to have a greater number of visitors on a comparatively smaller and cheaper plan.

Managed Web Hosting Service:

HostArmada updates and supplies multiple PHP Versions to check the storage units every day to ensure the best performance of your websites.

HostArmada Review – Pricing Plans

Image- HostArmada plans with price

HostArmada offers three pricing plans in its managed cloud SSD shared 

hosting environment, which are;

  • Start Dock
  • Web Warp
  • Speed Reaper
HostArmada Shared Hosting Plan

Let’s briefly talk about their plans, along with pricing and features.

Start Dock: 

Start Dock is one of the most affordable and cheap shared hosting plans by HostArmada available. It costs only about $2.69 per month. Their offerings include a website, 2 Cores CPU, 15 GB SSD storage, 2 GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth, free domain registration or transfer, and seven daily back-ups.

Web Warp:

Web Warp is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking to install unlimited sites/domains. This plan costs about $4.49 per month. 

Web Warp provides its customers with an unbounded number of websites, 30 GB of vast cloud SSD storage, 4 Cores CPU, 4 GB RAM, unmetered bandwidth, free domain registration, up to three free domain transfers, 14 daily backups, and a free private DNS.

Speed Reaper

Speed Reaper will prove to be an ideal choice for anyone looking to boost their website speed. It costs $5.69 per month. 

Speed Reaper provides its users with numerous websites, 40 GB of cloud SSD storage, 6 Cores CPU, 6 GB RAM, Unmetered bandwidth, free domain registration, up to 5 free domain transfers, 21 daily back-ups, and free private DNS.

If you want to upgrade your HostArmada hosting plan, you can easily do so without any hindrance. All you have to do is open their “upgrade center” and choose the suitable plan that caters to your website’s needs and requirements. 

HostArmada Review – Pros

  • Great speed connection
  • Good customer support service
  • Many freebies
  • Good Backup Service
  • Ensured data protection
  • Full managed control panel
HostArmada Customer Review

HostArmada Review – Cons

No hosting plan has a monthly trial subscription

Website renewal rates are high

Does not provide one-click CDN integration

Their premium features are given to higher hosting plans.

Frequently Asked Questions – HostArmada Review

Is HostArmada WordPress Hosting Cloud-Based?

HostArmada is known for its cloud-based Hosting. It means that customer data is spread across different servers.

How much does HostArmada WordPress Hosting Cost?

HostArmada WordPress hosting costs around $3.99 per month with a renewal price of $13.3 per month.

How to Get a Free Domain with HostArmada Web Hosting?

Yes, you can register for a domain for free with HostArmada. You need not even pay for domain renewal till you are their customer.

How can I Talk to the HostArmada Customer Support Team?

There are three ways to approach customer support- Phone, chat, or tickets. The customer care representatives are easily approachable, friendly, and well-trained to provide you with relevant instructions.

How to install WordPress on HostArmada?

First, we should login into the cPanel account and go to the “software” button. Then find the “Softaculous Apps installer,” and after that, go to “Top Scripts” to access the WordPress overview and start with the installation.

Final Verdict

Finally, I have covered almost all the essential elements in this HostArmada Review which makes them the #1 choice when it comes to fast and secure hosting. HostArmada is quite a beneficial hosting provider for ultimate website creation with many of its exemplary features. 

In conclusion, HostArmada is definitely worth a try, and it might give great competition to the already established and famous web hosting service providers in the coming time.

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