Whether you are opening a small business or starting your own website, you need to have a good hosting service for your business. If you are starting an online journey with something new, your budget might be low and you might be looking for the cheapest web hosting solution.

This is where Hostinger and NameCheap hosting platforms came to the rescue. They are both equally good and reliable hosting service providers and they both provide advanced features that you can’t imagine with their cheap hosting package. 

If you are confused about choosing between these two hosting options, then this Hostinger vs NameCheap Web Hosting unbiased Comparison article is for you.

In this article, I am going to discuss a lot of things. First, I am gonna discuss the pros and the cons of both these services, 

After that we will look at the types of hosting services provided by these service providers, and last but not least we are going to compare some of their key feature’s side by side.

So, without any further delay let’s jump onto our topic.

Advantages of Hostinger Hosting Service

Hostinger Web Hosting
  • The most affordable shared hosting plans.
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support.
  • Excellent performance in this price bracket.
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting plans.
  • Free domain registration with premium and business plans.
  • Daily Backups & Weekly Backups
  • Free CDN.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Advantages of NameCheap Hosting Service

NameCheap Web Hosting
  • Free Website Migration.
  • SSD-Powered Hosting
  • Quality Uptime Guarantee & Impressive Speed.
  • Decent performance.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • One-Click Installation of Many Software
  • Free unlimited email accounts.
  • Automatic Backup.
  • Domain Privacy
  • State-of-the-art security measures.

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Types Of Hosting Service Provided by Hostinger and Namecheap Web Hosting Service

Hostingr Hosting Service

Both these hosting service providers provide many types of hosting services for their users. Now first we are going to take a look at a similar hosting service provided by Hostinger and NameCheap.

1. Shared Hosting Service – Shared hosting service is a type of hosting where your website will share a server with many other sites just like yours. They are the cheapest hosting plan provided by any hosting service provider. Both Hostinger and NameCheap offer 3 shared hosting plans with tons of essential hosting features and advanced security.

Hostinger’s basic is starting at Rs 59/month where the basic plan of NameCheap is starting from Rs 117/month. So, in terms of basic shared hosting plans, Hostinger provides better value for money for their users.

2. WordPress Hosting Service – Currently there is no other popular content management system in the world, other than WordPress.  WordPress has gained popularity over the past few years because managing to connect is very easy when you are using WordPress. 

Both of these hosting services provide 3 plans for WordPress hosting. Hostinger’s wordpress plan is starting at Rs.99/month, where NameCheap costs around Rs 288 for their cheapest WordPress hosting plan. They also offer a managed WordPress Hosting service that you can choose if you want.

3. VPS Hosting Service – Virtual Private server. VPS hosting is the minimum requirement for any medium-sized business.  In this type of hosting, your website will share the server with very few websites. This gives you the opportunity to use the server resources. 

Hostinger provides 6 VPS hosting plans. where on the other hand NameCheap provides 3 VPS hosting plans. Hostinger’s VPS hosting plan is starting at Rs 285/month and the NameCheap VPS plan is starting at Rs 735/month. In this case, Hostinger provides the best value for money.

Type of Namecheap Web Hosting
NameCheap Hosting Service

4. Namecheap Dedicated Hosting service – Namecheap has the advantage that it provides a dedicated server hosting service which is a perfect choice for any website with a lot of traffic. This is something that Hostinger doesn’t provide for its users. So in this round, Namecheap got a point for dedicated servers.

5. Hostinger Cloud Hosting – Cloud hosting uses multiple servers to manage the load on a website and provides the best uptime possible because of cloud storage. This kind of hosting service gives you maximum scalability and also gives maximum access speed. Hostinger offers 3 different cloud hosting plans. The basic plan starts from Rs 799/month. So in this round, the point goes to Hostinger.

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Key Features – Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Although both hosting providers offer everything that you need to start and grow your business effectively. However, I will compare some key points that you must consider while purchasing any hosting plan. 

So, without any further delay, let’s look at them one by one-

Uptime: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Quality uptime is a very critical factor that you need to consider before choosing any of these hosting services. Because it plays a very big factor in your SEO ranking and the popularity of your website. Hostinger provides an uptime of 99.04% which is pretty great considering the price point.

We have personally tested Hostinger hosting service and this seems to be pretty good during the 6 months. They also give you extra credit if the downtime goes below this certain threshold. For every hour of downtime, you will get 1 day of free hosting credited to your account.

On the other hand, NameCheap provides an uptime of 100%. We haven’t got the chance to test it out but the user reviews seem to be great. They also provide free hosting if the downtime drops below a certain threshold. To provide maximum uptime they have data centers all around the UK and USA.

Winner: – the winner of this round is Hostinger. Although they provide 99.04% of uptime, they are pretty consistent about it. Whereas, Namecheap is not that consistent because they don’t have any servers in Asia.

Performance: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Hostinger Uptime
Source – Hostinger

Performance is another important factor that you need to consider when choosing between these two hosting services. The performance of your website will determine the number of customers it is going to draw towards it. It decides how much faster it takes to load your website. 

Hostinger provides enhanced performance with a phenomenal loading time of 47 ms and this is what makes Hostinger the fastest hosting service in this price segment. They have the fastest loading time at this price and even some other costly hosting services couldn’t provide an uptime like this.

NameCheap provides a loading time of 417 ms which is pretty average. Because the industry-standard loading time is 900 ms, I would say it is ok. But here is one thing that I will say that at this price point the users deserve more attractive uptime than what they are getting.

Winner: – The winner of this round is Hostinger because they clearly provide the best loading time and impressive speed to your website at such a cheap price.

Free Email: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Free email hosting from any service provider will give your website a more professional look. Hostinger and Namecheap both provide free email with their hosting service. 

But the main difference is Hostinger only provides one email id with their hosting service, on the other hand, NameCheap provides unlimited email ids with their hosting services. So clearly NameCheap has an advantage here.

Winner: – The winner of this round is NameCheap because they provide unlimited email ids with their hosting services.

Website Migration: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Free website migration is a very useful feature especially when you are switching from one service provider to another. Because the website migration task is very hectic and it will consume a lot of time. 

Both Hostinger and NameCheap provide a free website migration with all their plans.

Hostinger provides a website migration where all you need to do is open a ticket and their customer representatives will migrate your website without any downtime. This is really great because during the whole process of migration your website will be up and running.

NameCheap also provides free website migration for its users. You can easily request to migrate your website and they will migrate your website on their server within 24 hours. They will take care of everything so that you can focus on making your website better.

Winner: – Hostinger and NameCheap are both winners of this round. Although Namecheap didn’t mention any downtime during the migration process on their official website, they provide the exact same service as Hostinger.

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Free Domain: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Both are popular and cheap hosting providers as well as domain name registrars. Hostinger and NameCheap provide a free domain name. The only difference here is that Hostinger only provides a free domain with their premium and business plans which start at Rs 259/month.

But Namecheap provides free domain names even with their basic shared hosting plans. It is really great that NameCheap is providing free domain names with all their plans.

Winner: – The winner in this round is Namecheap because they provide free domain names with all their plans, something which Hostinger lacks.

Security: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Hostinger Security

Security is a very vital aspect of any hosting service and both these hosting services take their security matters very seriously. They both have separate measures for security.

Hostinger protects your website against DDoS attacks protection and they also scan their website regularly for viruses and malware. They also provide free SSL certificates with their plans so that you can have an extra layer of security for your website.

If there is any kind of security issue on your website, their experienced team is always on standby and they will eliminate that threat within minutes.

NameCheap Security

Namecheap also takes matters of security very seriously. They provide free SSL with all their plans and they also provide encrypted data transmission. You will also get lifetime domain privacy protection for the added security of your website.

They also frequently scan for malware on your website. In case of a security breach, their team is always on stand-by and will solve that issue within a few minutes.

Winner: – They are both equally good when it comes to security and you won’t be having issues with either of these services in terms of security.

Control Panel: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Hostinger Control Panel

They both have a very easy-to-use control panel. Hostinger uses their own custom control panel which is called “hpanel” and on the other hand, NameCheap uses the regular Cpanel which is, to be frank, seems a bit outdated in front of Hostinger’s hPanel.

Winner: – I think that the hpanel is much more attractive and easier to use than the usual Cpanel so I would like to give a point for this round to Hostinger.

Server Locations: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

NameCheap has only 2 data centers around the world, one in the UK and one in the US. Whereas Hostinger has 7 data centers (Server Locations) around the world UK, USA, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Lithuania. Data fetching time will be much less when there are more data centers.

Winner: – Hostinger is the clear winner here with 7 data centers around the world.

Customer Support: Hostinger Vs NameCheap

Both Hostinger and NameCheap provide 24/7/365 customer support. They both provide live chat, email, and ticketing features under their customer support. Both are equally good and they both have very knowledgeable customer representatives. They are also very polite and their response is also pretty good. 

Winner: – They both are equally good when it comes to customer support service. 

Website Builder: Hostinger Vs Namecheap

Hostinger Website Builder

A website building tool comes really handy when you are making your first website. Hostinger provides a free website builder tool that is very easy to use and comes with a drag and drop interface which will help you if you are building it from scratch. 

Unfortunately, no free website builder is provided with NameCheap and if you want one, then you will have to pay for it separately. 

Winner: – Hostinger takes the cake because in this round there is no competition between these two.

Money-Back Guarantee: Hostinger Vs Namecheap

A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by both these service providers. They both provide this money-back guarantee on their annual plans. If you don’t like their services, then you can get your total money back.

Winner: – they both provide the same kind of money-back guarantee.

Cons of Hostinger Hosting Service

  • Doesn’t support dedicated server hosting.
  • No calling feature under customer support service.
  • The base shared hosting plans only offer one email id.
  • The uptime is also not that satisfying.
  • They do not provide Windows support for all their hosting plans.
  • Doesn’t provide a free SSL certificate with their basic shared plans.
  • No staging features

Cons of NameCheap Hosting Service

  • Limited data centers (no data centers in Asia).
  • No call support under customer support service.
  • There is a few days’ delay in the whole money-back process.
  • No staging site.
  • Fewer servers around the world when compared to other services.
  • No-built in CDN support.


Both are equally good hosting platforms with some advanced features, but one thing to keep in mind is that NameCheap is slightly more costly than Hostinger. 

They are both equally good if you are a small business owner or have a small website. You can choose either of these hosting options. But in my opinion, I will go with Hostinger personally because of their impressive speed and quality uptime.

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