Looking for the best premium VPS hosting provider then MilesWeb would be the #1 choice for your business. Continue with the MilesWeb Review and learn more about Premium and managed VPS hosting service.

VPS hosting is a type of web hosting that is highly efficient and cost-effective than a dedicated server.

In VPS hosting, a physical server is split into numerous virtual private servers. When you opt for VPS hosting, you get full access and control over the virtual private server. Meaning you can manage the entire server and also make changes according to your preference. You get the freedom to install any applications you wish to on the server.

VPS hosting lies in between shared and dedicated hosting. It is more costly than a shared server and cheaper than a dedicated server.

With the best VPS hosting services, you get the same features that a dedicated server offers. It is the best option if you want good speed and performance for your website.

Most website owners who are new to the web hosting world opt for shared hosting. These plans are economical and beginner-friendly, and if you have a small website, it is a perfect fit.

But, if your website starts bulking up with traffic, a shared server will not be able to handle it. Plans like VPS and best dedicated server with cPanel help you to size up. With choices of web hosting plans and companies, it becomes very tough to settle on one.

So, in this article, we will talk about the premium VPS hosting provider in the industry, MilesWeb. They offer a cheap and super-fast VPS hosting service powered by KVM (Kernel Virtualization Technology). The VPS hosting services of MilesWeb are designed to meet the growing requirements of websites.

When you choose VPS hosting, you have two options.

  • Managed VPS hosting service 
  • Unmanaged/self-managed VPS hosting service 

You need to be familiar with all the server administration tasks, and managing the software applications when you opt for a self-managed VPS hosting service. 

If you are not familiar with admin skills and server management, you can opt for a managed VPS hosting service. 

MilesWeb Review Premium VPS Hosting Provider

Choose from MilesWeb’s Fully Managed VPS Hosting Plan

With the Linux VPS hosting plans of MilesWeb, you get all guaranteed resources, very high security and an uptime guarantee. 

They have ten plans for Linux VPS hosting from V1 to V10. 

V1 plan includes2vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD Disk, 500 GB Bandwidth and 1 dedicated IP. And if you move to the high-tier plan V10, it includes 40 vCPU, 128 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD Disk, 3000 GB Bandwidth and 1 Dedicated IP. 

You can pick a plan that best suits your requirements and budget. 

About the price, the V1 plan costs Rs.630/m. And the V10 plan costs Rs.32,640/m. With all the VPS hosting plans, you can save 25% off!

If you are unable to pick the right plan, you can consult MilesWeb’s VPS experts. They will give you the appropriate solution. 

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Pricing

MilesWeb’s Fully Managed VPS Hosting Features 

Although, MilesWeb offers a variety of hosting that includes SSD powered server, top notch security, latest infrastructue, better uptime, ultra-fast speed and much more yet at an affordable price.

Here are some key benefits of using MilesWeb Managed VPS hosting for your dream project. Lt’s see them one-by-one.

1: Choice of Operating System 

The VPS hosting of MilesWeb supports different Linux operating systems. You can choose the one which you want for your VPS and handover them for the installation process. You can choose from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora. 

2: SSL Encryption for Free 

With MilesWeb’s cheap VPS hosting plans, you get an SSL certificate for free. With SSL certificate activation on your website, it is kept secure. It prevents attackers from obtaining access to information shared by visitors when it goes through the internet. 

3: SSD Storage Drives 

With MilesWeb’s VPS hosting, your websites are on servers that have built-in SSD storage drives. SSD technology is incorporated with all the servers that ensure you get the best performance with VPS hosting.

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4: Intel Xeon Processors 

MilesWeb utilizes Intel Xeon processors in our VPS server nodes. The Intel Xeon processors are known to be the fastest and newest generation of processors. 

5: Full Root Access 

Gain full control and configure your server according to your needs. Also, with full root access, you can administer your VPS server. It also allows you to access and transfer files on your virtual private server using Secure Shell Transfer Protocol (SFTP). 

6: Guaranteed Server Resources 

You get server resources that are committed to your website with MilesWeb’s VPS hosting. It delivers maximum power, low- latency and super-fast speed for your websites/applications. You can utilize all the server resources for hosting your heavy resource website/application. 

7: 100 Mbps Network 

You can experience a smooth operating website/application with the most advanced network optimized for page loading speed.

It has a data transfer speed of up to 100 Mbps, where you can host your website without having any performance issues.

8: Get the Best Customer Support 24×7

If you have issues related to web hosting, MilesWeb provides 24×7 customer support via email, live chat, phone or, you can even reach out by raising tickets. Their support specialists are well versed and have good experience in the web hosting industry. 

9: 99.99% Uptime Guarantee SLA

One of the most important considerations in web hosting is uptime. Most users upgrade from a shared server to a VPS host because of the increased uptime. MilesWeb’s VPS hosting services come with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. They ensure that your website is up and running at all times for all users.

Final Thought on MilesWeb Review

With MilesWeb, you get all the features that take your website to a new level of success. As you get guaranteed server resources, your website will not face any performance issues. VPS hosting is the best option for hosting your high-traffic, eCommerce website/application. 

MilesWeb offers the best VPS hosting service that is apt for all sizes of websites. With all the VPS hosting plans, you get full root access, dedicated resources, 24×7 expert support and complete VPS hosting management.

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