When it comes to web hosting, you have quite a plethora of choices.

Web hosting packages differ in terms of selected features, pricing, or additional benefits. However, when you own a website, you may require a hosting service that integrates a bit more than other companies do, though this means spending a little more.

Using a managed hosting platform and a website hosting service that is designed for WordPress means that you can have ample time to do stuff like digital marketing, content development, and website interface, among other matters. As a result, using a controlled WordPress hosting service like Nexcess is often the best option.

Nexcess relies on its own cloud infrastructure and an almost WordPress interface rather than a slew of fancy WordPress-specific functions. It isn’t necessarily a negative thing; it’s just something to consider when making decisions related to web hosting.

Nexcess Hosting Review best managed wordpress hosting

Nexcess Hosting Review – An Introduction

Nexcess is the brand of Liquid Web Hosting that is founded 18 Years ago. Since then, they have been committed to providing the best managed hosting environment with scalability & stability for their customers.

Presently, Nexcess Hosting is empowering 45,000+ Websites with 99.99% guaranteed uptime. Apart from that they offer powerful tools and a secure hosting server to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Nexcess Managed Hosting

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re indeed acquainted with Nexcess as a hosting business or just searching for a decent Nexcess hosting overview, so I’ll skip the context details and get straight to the point.

Nexcess Hosting Review – Incredible Features You Get

Nexcess hosting offers tons of amazing features and resources that you ever need to succeed in online business. However, let’s take a look at the incredible features of Nexcess hosting and its different hosting plans for Magento, WordPress, and Woocommerce. 

1: 100% Guaranteed Uptime

We live in a society that is connected and driven by information technology. In today’s world, having a solid, always-on presence online is a must for survival. The Internet is typically where most businesses interact with the bulk of their customers and generate most of their sales.

Any web-related expenditure would quickly go into a drain, and the entire business could come to a halt without a site that runs seamlessly and is open at all times of the day.

Nexcess’s uptime management reduces harmful downtime by sending out prompt warnings in the event of a malfunction. When the server is down for a legal reason, Nexcess will give you a ten-fold refund.

Nexcess Hosting is one of the few website hosting providers that guarantee 100% uptime. Of course, believing it will happen is unrealistic. In reality, Nexcess specifies a few exceptions, such as:

  • Malicious attacks that bring a server(s) to a halt.
  • Maintenance of the network, electronics, or applications on a consistent schedule.
  • Issues with cPanel that pose problems.
  • Considering legal action against your site or service.

2: Auto Scaling Feature

It’s all about managing growth when it comes to scalability. An effective website must handle development smoothly and productively, and it must be built with scalability in mind. A flexible webpage can accommodate a spike in visitors and loads without causing problems for the clients.

So, Every Nexcess plan includes simple cloud auto-scaling to keep users’ traffic flowing. The very first 24 hours of scaling for your platform are completely free. You will be billed $6 per hour afterward.

For unregulated traffic, advanced auto-scaling is usable through your dashboard for a fee of $99 if you want to use it.

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3: Speed and Performance

Slow loading pages are cited by 88.5 percent of respondents as the primary reason for abandoning a website.

That’s why you ought not to take any chances with your website’s speed or efficiency. Nexcess supports you in increasing the speed of your site 13X faster than other hosting providers, specially designed for WordPress and Magento websites so that your visitors could not leave.

Nexcess Hosting manages and runs three core data centers, each with over 25,000 servers at lightning-fast speeds:

  • US-Central Region: 402ms
  • US-West Region: 453ms
  • EU-Central Region: 765ms

Nexcess Hosting, on the other hand, offers something more than high speeds. In reality, it includes advanced features that go beyond standard speed features that make the website run at optimum speeds and function better. 

To ensure uptime and speed, Nexcess Datacenter is fitted with robust cooling, infrastructure, and power. It comes with built-in image optimization capabilities that resize images and make them load quickly.

Besides that, HTTP/2, which improves website speed and performance, 

Nexcess Hosting has had Tier-1 bandwidth connections worldwide to reduce latency. What you all need, and what you will get here, is an expert network monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4: Stencil Sites

Nexcess, a managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting provider, has the solution to your need for a Stencil Site. You can make a clone of any website and use it as a prototype for yet another project instead of repeating the customization work you’ve already done.

When you need to rapidly have a website up and running for a concept you’ve previously reviewed and authorized, this will save you time, energy, and resources. 

With Nexcess, you can build a stencil site right from the dashboard after logging into your hosting service control panel.

5: Easy to use Control Panel

Nexcess Admin Control Panel

A web hosting control panel is a graphical user interface that contains resources for handling a site, a website hosting profile, and, occasionally, the server.

In most instances, you’ll use a web browser to enter your control panel, but this can change upon circumstances.

Like every hosting provider has a control panel, and some also provide you with a range of options to choose from. This is the most noticeable aspect of a web hosting package, and its features and functions can significantly impact the consistency of your web hosting journey.

Except for the controlled WordPress package, every hosting plan offered by Nexcess comes with an option of control panels: cPanel or Plesk. If you choose a managed WordPress hosting package, you can only use the proprietary cPanel that has an intuitive interface and allows you to access multiple WordPress pages from a single location.

A simple dashboard gives you access to all the resources you’ll need to navigate your site. The Nexcess control panel allows you to contact customer service via chat, phone, or email and track bandwidth use and activate the free CDN included with the hosting plans. 

6: Free Daily Backups

When buying a hosting service plan for your website, it is essential to ensure that the hosting company provides a regular data backup. With data backup, your data would be completely protected from any unintentional issues. That’s why Nexcess has a regular backup feature, demonstrating that consumer protection is their top priority.

The backup function is accessible from the dashboard, and the operation is carried out on a regular basis. If a tragedy occurs, you can recover your site with a single click at any time.

7: Free Site Migrations

All hosting solutions from Nexcess offer free website migration. Please don’t panic about site downtime; the Nexcess team will keep it to a bare minimum, ensuring a smooth transfer. Simply request a migration through your client portal, give information regarding your existing host, and plan the migration.

Your site is then set up on a temporary domain, and once you’ve checked it, the Nexcess Company will plan a date for you to link your domain name to the Nexcess account and then go online.

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8: Free CDN Services

CDNs have a better user interface, but they will also help avoid site failures during traffic spikes by distributing bandwidth through several servers rather than having one node manage all traffic.

Every plan includes Nexcess Content Delivery Network (CDN) facilities. It comes with 250 GB of storage by default and at no extra cost.

It costs $0.10 per GB if more is necessary. The Nexcess CDN service magically increases the load times of your site.

9: Great Customer Support

When you contact several managed hosting companies’ customer services, you’ll almost always get a customer service representative. These delegates have been prepared to address fundamental questions about facilities and, if necessary, to create support tickets.

These tickets are then escalated by service before the problem is resolved. Depending on the issue and the hosting service, this procedure will take hours or even days.

Nexcess Support and Knowledge Base

Once you contact Nexcess hosting support, you will be linked to a knowledgeable server administrator in their Michigan offices via phone, email, live chat, or help passes.

That system admin will log into your account, find out the cause with you over the line, and resolve the issue. Where an admin will be unable to find a response, an escalation by their “ESG” procedure usually takes place within a few hours.

Based on the server you use, support can differ. Any service provided to Nexcess dedicated server customers is indeed not provided to shared-hosting customers, for instance. Irrespective of the server you are calling on, the technical support is available 24/7 and has been outstanding according to the user’s experience.

Pros of Using Nexcess Hosting

  • Nexcess’s hosting services come with a 100% uptime SLA guarantee.
  • Nexcess Cloud infrastructure solution automatically updates and secures your WordPress website and WooCommerce shop.
  • Nexcess support is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week by call, live chat, mail, and a ticketing system.
  • No credit card is required for the 14-day free trial.
  • You receive various premium plugins as gratis when you create an account for a plan with this service.
  • The backup functionality is accessible through the dashboard, and the procedure is carried out on a daily basis.
  • Every package includes Nexcess Content Delivery Network (CDN) capabilities. It comes with 250 GB of storage by default and at no zero additional expense.

Cons of Using Nexcess Hosting

  • Nexcess Hosting does not provide any free domain name registration services.
  • On the Managed WordPress platform’s lowest tiers, Nexcess doesn’t provide reserved IP addresses.
  • Nexcess hosting services are not very cost-effective.
  • Nexcess Hosting only provides a limited amount of bandwidth.

Nexcess Hosting Review – Hosting Plans & Pricing

Nexcess Hosting Products

1. WordPress Hosting

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting is the way to go if you want hosting that is more secure, scalable, and has better WordPress facilities.

For ultra-fast launching, the Managed WordPress Hosting has a built-in CDN with 22 locations and enhanced storage. Visual Compare, WP Merge, iThemes Security Pro, iThemes Sync, TinyPNG, Qubely Pro, and other premium tools are available with Nexcess WordPress Hosting.

It compresses images to reduce browser access time. The most significant benefit of WordPress hosting is that there are no additional costs, traffic limits, or metered page views.

As part of the introductory offer, new users can get four months free to sign up for any Managed WordPress Hosting Annual Plans. It has four different plans to meet the changing needs of customers. The following is a list of them:

Nexcess WordPress Hosting Pricing
  • Spark ($19 $13.30/Month): Upto 1 site with 15 GB storage and 2TB Bandwidth.
  • Maker ($79 $55.30/Month): Upto 5 sites with 40 GB storage and 3TB Bandwidth.
  • Designer ($109 $76.30/Month): Upto 10 sites with 60 GB storage and 4TB Bandwidth.
  • Designer ($149 $104.30/Month): Upto 25 sites with 100 GB storage and 5TB Bandwidth.
  • Designer ($249 $209.30/Month): Upto 50 sites with 300 GB storage and 5TB Bandwidth.
  • Designer ($549 $384.30/Month): Upto 100 sites with 500 GB storage and 10TB Bandwidth.
  • Designer ($999 $699.30/Month): Upto 250 sites with 800 GB storage and 10TB Bandwidth.

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2. WooCommerce Hosting

Optimized Hosting for Quick, High-Performance Stores is what Fully Managed WooCommerce Hosting is known for. It provides on-demand performance monitoring to help diagnose problems and improve the speed of the website. It even has Custom order tables, which minimize query loads by 95% while increasing availability by over 75%.

Nexcess Hosting provides a fantastic feature of ‘Store Builder‘ with its WooCommerce hosting plan. This feature enables an AI-generated, industry-based homepage that is readily available for content for customers who want to create a brand new WooCommerce store.

New customers who sign up for a managed WooCommerce hosting service could get four months free when they sign up for an annual plan. There are four different forms of Managed WooCommerce Hosting Plans. They are as follows:

Nexcess WooCommerce Hosting Pricing
  • Starter: $19 $13.30/Month, manage only 1 store with 30GB Storage and 3TB Bandwidth.
  • Creator: $79 $55.30/Month, manage 3 stores with 60GB Storage and 5TB Bandwidth
  • Merchant: $149 $104.30/Month, manage 5 stores with 1000GB Storage and 5TB Bandwidth
  • Standard: $299 $209.30/Month, manage 10 stores with 300GB Storage and 5TB Bandwidth
  • Growth: $549 $384.30/Month, manage 20 stores with 500GB Storage and 10TB Bandwidth
  • Enterprise: $999 $699.30/Month, manage 30 stores with 800GB Storage and 10TB Bandwidth

Quick Note – Use “30OFF3MO coupon code to get 30% OFF for First 3 months (Get 2 Month Free on Annual Billing) on Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting Valid for New Purchase Only.

3. Magento Hosting

Nexcess offers fully controlled Magento hosting that is optimized for speed, safety, and scalability. Staging sites are included in this hosting package. This has dedicated IP addresses and auto-scaling that is instantaneous.

If you’re concerned about the performance of your platform, the Magento Hosting package includes on-demand performance monitoring to help you troubleshoot the issues and optimize them. The built-in Nexcess CDN provides 22 locations, including advanced caching for lightning-fast site loading.

Nexcess Magento Hosting Pricing

Nexcess, as is well known, provides you with security monitoring and Magento expert assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Plans are split into six types that range in price, starting from $59 $41.30/Month.

Quick Note – Use “30OFF3MO coupon code to get 30% OFF for First 3 months (Get 2 Month Free on Annual Billing) on Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting Valid for New Purchase Only.

Frequently Asked Questions: Nexcess Hosting Revew

What is the definition of web hosting, and are technological skills needed to use it?

It’s a digital service that lets you hold and upload your site. Irrespective of the framework you choose, your website is hosted somewhere. Nexcess offers many options for small, medium, and big websites, regardless of the user’s technological knowledge.

Is Nexcess still a provider of enterprise applications and hosting for Windows?

Nexcess provides a range of options for businesses with more diverse needs. Check its dedicated server and enterprise solutions sections for further detail.

Does Nexcess also provide root access and development services?

Nexcess doesn’t provide root access to Managed hosting solutions.

Does Nexcess provide a free domain name?

No, Nexcess does not offer any free domain name registration service.

Is Nexcess good?

Certainly! Nexcess is a fantastic host that supports both WordPress and WooCommerce. Compared to regular shared hosting, this is high-speed hosting.

Final Words

Nexcess has been one of the finest webs hosting companies, providing a wide range of services at an affordable price. The specifications and pricing have already been configured using well-known CMSs.

It has fantastic price options and excellent customer service, making it a viable option for both newcomers and professionals.

Also, don’t just take my advice about it. Thousands of validated user feedback about Nexcess and the hosting services it provides speaks volumes for it.

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