Nowadays, almost all businesses in the world have their own website as their marketing tool. Why is it because a website is a powerful medium for building a feeling of legitimacy in people about your business?

Moreover, customers’ behavior changes with the change in modern technology. So, taking your business to the online world will help you in many ways, some are;

  • A website helps your business reach more people.
  • It helps to develop brand awareness in people.
  • It helps you build a relationship with customers.
  • It makes your business available to people all around the world 24/7 etc.

So, If you have decided to start a new website for your business, web hosting becomes an essential thing. Web hosting is an online service provided by a hosting company.

Raj Softech Hosting Review

Raj Softech Hosting Company lets you make your website accessible to people around the world through the world wide web. So that with your domain name, people can search and find you on the internet, only when you host your website.

By hosting means, the hosting company provides you with a space on the webserver to store all the data required for the successful running of your website.

Depending on the amount of space you use on the server, there are different types of hosting.

About Raj Softech Hosting Review – An Introduction

Having said about web hosting, I hope you understood, without a hosting platform, your website will not be available online. So choosing the right hosting platform will be a confusing task for newbies.

And, many go with cheap hosting services or anything that give free domain purchasing, thinking all hosting services are the same.

If you think so, then you are awfully mistaken. Going with so-called hosting companies can spoil your business anytime.

So, whom can you trust?

I can introduce you to a company that you can completely trust. If you find their services useful, then you are lucky enough.

The company is “Raj Softech Solutions” founded in 2014 by a young entrepreneur. They have a group of experts in each domain to give you top-notch services.

They provide support and premium services for Web-Based Activities like

  • Website Design and Development
  • Digital Branding Solutions
  • Email Marketing Solutions
  • Website Hosting Services
  • Logo design services
  • Domain Name Registration Services

So, if you choose them as your hosting partner, then you can improve your business in many ways. They are one of the most trusted groups in providing digital partnering services with highly satisfied customer ratings. You can check it yourself.

List of Hosting Services offered By Raj Softech Hosting

As I have said earlier there are different types of hosting services available. Each service has several packages with its own specifications. So, understanding your needs helps you to make a decision.

It’s best to start with a smaller plan and then upgrade to higher plans when your website traffic increases. The important things you need to consider while selecting a suitable plan are;

  • The website type you are hosting
  • Your budget and the resources you need
  • The expected traffic etc.

Let’s see what are the different web hosting services;

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Hosting

Here, you will be sharing one server with many other clients. That is, Sharing all the resources like memory, disk space, computing power, etc of your server with the other clients.

This is the most cost-effective plan for low-traffic websites. If you are new in the business and have a low budget, consider shared hosting services.

Raj Softech Hosting offers you the Best Linux Based Shared Web Hosting Services. They have the fastest server data centers located in the USA, UK, and India. This service has 4 plans and is named Basic, Standard, Enterprise, and corporate plan.

The basic plan provides you with 20GB Disk Space and 10 GB Bandwidth to host one website for a mere Rs. 89 INR per month. If you are expecting around 5,000 monthly visits to your website, then this plan will be the best option.

For higher plan, along with the price, services offered also increases. The standard plan costs you Rs 169 while enterprise and corporate plans cost Rs 249 and Rs 369 respectively.

You can check the additional facilities you get while choosing different plans here. But I can promise you; this will be the best budget-friendly choice for you.

Their different plans help you to upgrade at any stage whenever there is a requirement for an increase in resource usage.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

In short, this is a WordPress-specific hosting that provides suitable features to manage, secure, and speed up your WordPress site.

The specialty of managed hosting is that the provider manages your site so that you can be relaxed and focus more on your business.

If you are new to WordPress and don’t know how to optimize your site, then choosing managed WordPress will be a better option.

Because your provider knows the platform very well and they help you to keep your site performing at its best always.

Managed hosting is a little bit costlier than unmanaged hosting, But Raj Softech Hosting provides you the basic plan including all features for Rs. 99 INR per month.

There are higher plans also, which gives higher processing speed and memory. It doesn’t matter if you are a new blogger or an established blogger with high traffic, Raj Softech Hosting has the perfect plan for your needs.

You can completely trust and hand over your website to them without any confusion and can be stress-free. They have a rating above 4.8/5, which is not a simple achievement. This shows how established their service is.

VPS Servers

VPS Server

A virtual private server (VPS) is a type of hosting that is virtually similar to dedicated servers but within a shared server. This hosting service is a bit costlier compared to previous ones but provides you with better reliability, security, and performance than shared hosting.

Even though you need to share your server, you will be getting dedicated server resources virtually allocated for your website. So, your website performance will not be affected by other clients like in shared hosting. Also, you will get full root access to your server.

This is best for a thriving (medium to high) business as it allows us to host up to 10 websites.

But if you choose Raj Softech hosting, you will be getting many bonus facilities like hosting unlimited domains, creating unlimited accounts, installing custom software or applications and you can even become a reseller to your end-users.

The best thing above all is the price they quote for these top-notch services. You may be shocked. It’s merely Rs. 1199 per month.

Go check their site if you want to understand the facilities they provide and thank me later

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server Hosting

As the name implies, here the client rents the entire server without sharing it with anyone else. This is usually done by big companies that use a lot of resources and have large traffic to their website.

The price for the dedicated hosting service is high compared to other hosting types. But it provides you with facilities like flexibility, peak performance, high reliability, and the best customer experience

Raj Softech hosting provides you dedicated server managed by experts with unmetered bandwidth and massive storage. They have 2 data centers, one in the UK and the other in the US.

Their plan starts at Rs. 6999 INR per month for the UK data center while Rs. 9999 per month at the US data center. I think this is a fair price for the service they provide, like solid security and your choice for choosing operating system etc.

If you can go through their site, you will get a clear idea and how their customers love their service.

Benefit of Using Raj Softech Hosting

As of now, I have introduced you to the company and its plans. But I know someone entirely new to this field may still be confused.

Let’s have a look at the features they provide and understand how this company differentiates from others in its services.

1. Affordable Budget

When it comes to business, all people try to find the best quality items for the lowest price. So, if you are one of that kind, I strongly suggest you try Raj Softech hosting at least for a month.

You will not regret it but will thank me for suggesting it because they provide the best affordable hosting schemes for high-end services.

For eg, when you search for similar dedicated server hosting online to compare prices, you will not find anyone for a price range like Raj Softech Hosting provides along with their quality services.

If at all you find one, they may be providing you with fewer services. Considering you as someone new to this field, I can assure you they provide you with all the demands you have with utmost sincerity.

2. High-performance Latest Hardware

A webserver is a combination of both hardware and software. Its duty is to display the website content that is stored in the hardware to the users.

So having high-performance hardware is crucial for the successful running of any website. Raj Softech Hosting company has the latest high-performance hardware to store your data, process it, and deliver it to your users within seconds.

Considering their WordPress hosting, for all their plan they are providing unlimited bandwidth and unmetered disk space.

Depending upon your requirements, the hardware requirements also change. But whatever your requirement Raj Softech Hosting has Hex core CPU.

This Hexcore has the ability to run up to 7 virtual machines at a time without any delay.

3. Latest Software Stack for Smooth Running

The software installed on the server hardware helps the smooth running of any installed applications. Raj Softech Hosting takes utmost importance to update their server software to the latest version (as is and as when available).

Their expert server maintenance team always ensures the installed software is up-to-date and the latest. The software stack is a set of software that helps to run an application. Their servers are installed with the latest PHP, MySQL, Operating System, etc.

In order to ensure the maximum performance of your website, they have installed PHP 8.0, Maria DB, Latest Perl, Phyton, etc.

4. Free Website Migration

Website migration is the process by which a website moves from one hosting company or server to another hosting company or server. Commonly any change in the architecture, layout, content, location, UX, platform, all come under the website migration category.

You may need to do this anytime in your business life and the common reasons people find to do it is

  • When they find a better hosting service
  • When in need to change the domain name
  • If required to redesign the website
  • Moving to a new CMS or e-commerce platform

So, if you ever come into any of the above situations, there is no one other than Raj Softech Hosting to give you a better service, and that too FREE of cost!!!

They help you migrate your website to their hosting servers without losing any data and at the same time are available to your users.

5. Options to Choose Server Location

Server location is the place where your website’s data center is and this can be anywhere in the world. So what is the importance of server location?

Consider you are running an e-commerce website and most of your customers are from the UK. So if you are hosting your website on the Indian server, it increases the geographical distance between your customers and the server.

This makes your website data loading time high which visitors don’t prefer. According to recent studies, it’s seen that more than 39% of people leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load it.

So, choosing the right server location is very important. Most hosting companies don’t have this option; hence they do not specify it while claiming cheap rates to trap someone new to all this.

Raj Softech Hosting provides its customers with a transparent service. They have their data centers in India, UK, and the US. You can choose yours by targeting your customers.

6. 99.999% Guaranteed Uptime

Uptime is the time duration during a period (usually a month) your website was available to users. If your uptime is low, people while searching you will be seeing either a loading sign or an error message often.

This makes you lose valuable customers and users will never come back to your website again once they have such an experience. As the competition is very high these days, it’s highly important to maintain a higher uptime ratio.

Theoretically, 100% uptime is considered the best, but practically any hosting service can provide only 99.999% which is the highest possible uptime.

So, Raj Softech Hosting provides you with this 99.999% uptime which is provided by only a few hosting companies. In other words, uptime is considered as a measurement of your website’s health.

Therefore, I hope you want your website to be healthy.

7. Free SSL, Free Emails

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an industry standard for making an encrypted connection between the host and the client. This is performed to protect the online transactions between your customer and you through your website.

Hence it is an inevitable part of any reputable website. For getting an SSL certificate for your website, you will need to pay a good amount.

Next is Email Hosting. By email hosting, you get your email address with the domain name your business name. This helps to bring a brand feeling to users.

If your email address has the domain name of some other free hosting company, people will not take your business seriously.

Email marketing comprises 50% of the online sales, hence having strong and secure Email hosting helps you grow your business many times.

It also helps to improve your customer experience and make your communication more professional providing enhanced security

For getting these services, you will need to pay decent money to get good services. What if you get both of these services of the best quality for free?

Yes, Raj Softech Hosting provides you with both these services free of cost

8. Premium Hosting Bundles (CDN, Backups)

Raj Softech Hosting has premium hosting packages for you like CDN, Backups, etc. Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a chain of servers located in well-planned geographical locations storing cached content.

CDN makes sure to maintain your website loading time the same irrespective of the distance between your users and server.

So even if your website needs to be hosted in some other place where the hosting company doesn’t have a data center, if they have a CDN facility, then your site loading will be faster.

Backup is like having an extra tire in your car dicky. It helps you to recover the data of your website after any security issues.

It helps create a carbon copy of all your website data helping you to restore your website how it was before any issue which you don’t want to happen to your website.

It also helps you migrate to a different host easier. Website backup represents your safety in business. There are many more premium services provided by Raj Softech Hosting.

9. 24 x 7 Expert Customer Support

There are many companies these days offering services like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, etc to people around the globe. But what if they lack proper customer service?

The most crucial factor you need to consider while choosing a hosting company is its customer support. Whoever you are, either a newbie or an expert, you will have some doubts. So having an expert team to help you any time will be bliss.

Assume your site has a server error and is not available at midnight where you expect high traffic. So, when you try to contact the customer support of your hosting company, if no one attends your call. What will your situation be then?

Here comes the importance of 24/7 customer support. Raj Softech Hosting has an expert team to handle their customer’s doubts and issues at any time of the day for as long as they stay with them.

10. 30 Days Money-back Guarantee

Having said the major features, they provide; you may still have confusion and doubt my words. If you are new to website hosting, you will surely not be understanding many of the facilities I have explained.

But trust me, they guide you to reach your goal with utmost sincerity. If you still consider this as merely promotional content, then I am leaving everything up to you.

Try it yourself and then trust their service and my words. They provide a 30-Day Money back guarantee if at all you are not satisfied with their service.

This itself shows their confidence in how carefully they will be handling your website as a newborn baby. I am sure you will not regret choosing them because you will not get these premium services for such an affordable price anywhere else.

Affiliate Program

If you become a customer of Raj Softech Hosting company, you have a golden opportunity to earn from your home, it’s through Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting someone else’s product or services by you and receiving a commission for each sale made through your affiliate link.

So, this is a bumper offer for all people who have chosen Raj Softech Hosting for hosting their website.

By running your business smoothly stress-free, you can also earn an extra income by referring their service to your friends.

They provide you

  • Up to 40% per sale of any Hosting Plans
  • Guaranteed Commission on Every Sale
  • Direct Bank Transfer When You Reach Rs.3000/-

You don’t need any investment to start this. Just go to this link and join now itself.

Frequently Asked Questions – Raj Softech Hosting

Is it Worth Hosting with Rajsoftech Hosting?

Yes, Rajsoftech Hosting has a great team of experts with more than 6+ years of experience in hosting technologies. Also, the data centers are located in a prime location built with a highly secured stack offering a seamless hosting experience.

Is Rajsofech Hosting Good for WordPress?

Of course, Yes. Rajsoftech Hosting offers super-fast servers backed up by a knowledgeable customer support team. Their overall performance is solid, and their servers can able to manage high traffic with no downtimes.

How Many Websites Can I Host?

They have several plans to fit your needs. You can host 1 website in their basic plan and two websites in their standard plan. Likewise, it will increase and for unlimited websites, you can raise a support ticket with their service representative.

Do They Provide a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, Rajsoftech Hosting provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to all hosting plans.

Yes, Rajsoftech Hosting Safe and Secure?

Yes, they are 100% safe and secure. The company guarantees a 99.99% server uptime rate and provides reliably fast service.


Building a website may not be a difficult task, but hosting it on a suitable platform is a confusing task for new people in this field.

So, if you are planning to buy hosting for your business, and want your website to be available for users without any issues, Raj Softech Hosting will be the most suitable option.

Because they provide the best affordable web hosting in the market now. The decision is yours. I hope this article helped you.

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