Web hosting is an important part of today’s business world. Whether you are running a small/large-scale business or creating a personal website, web hosting is all you need to host your website on a reliable server.

Scala Hosting is one such hosting provider that offers excellent hosting plans for all new/low-traffic websites/blogs. It has many options like shared, WordPress, and reseller hosting; however, it primarily manages Cloud VPS hosting.

Scala undoubtedly excels in the hosting department with its incredible performance and validity.

Let’s discuss a thorough analysis and Scala hosting review discussing its features and resources, hosting plans, Scala pricing, and much more.

What is Scala Hosting?

ScalHosting Web Hosting

Scala hosting is a leader in Web hosting technology. It started in 2007 to make VPS hosting easier for all types of people ranging from students, web developers, businessmen, and large-scale organizations.

Hence the company has worked hard to develop hosting software that is secure, scalable, and easy to manage. The website owners using this service can have their own cloud VPS with a control panel entirely managed by trained experts who manage it tirelessly. Presently there is no such company with such a well-efficient system.

It has two operational data centers: one in Dallas, and the other in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Features of Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting Offers some unique features and resources that you will not get anywhere and keep one step ahead of its competitor. Scala Hosting has completed a great 13 Years in the hosting industry with 700,000+ website hosts and 50,000 happy customers worldwide due to unique features and powerful web hosting service.

Scala Hosting Stats

Let’s look at what features make Scala Hosting this popular and what’s good or bad about their hosting service.

1: Advanced Security With sShield Cybersecurity Protection

Scala web server is very particular about its protection measures as it has a lot of experience in the web hosting market and the dangers associated with it. 

As websites nowadays have open-source platforms, it becomes easy for black-hat hackers to hack the data, especially while using shared web hosting.

To counter this issue, Scala has built its security system (advanced feature) known as sShield security. The system provides extensive levels of protection to the websites hosted with it.

Scala Hosting sShield Security

sShield security is different from other security systems because it is automatic with built-in Artificial Intelligence support. It follows a logical method of code and process inspection to detect any harmful activity on the website.

sShield security is a great security tool that successfully blocks 99.998% of the attacks online. It monitors all its websites 24/7 to identify all potential threats and takes the necessary steps to counter them.

Along with this, it sends a detailed report to the website owner about catching the hack. Thus, allowing them to immediately repair the glitch and fix it as soon as possible so that nothing harmful happens to the website data.

2: Ultimate Ease of Work With sPanel

sPanel is one of the most versatile control panel systems provided by Scala hosting, which is packed with various features for cloud-based VPS management. 

Scala Hosting sPanel

In place of the usual cPanel, Scala has developed its control panel for VPS hosting users known as sPanel, where S stands for Scala.

It has all the features necessary for website owners who need to grow their businesses safely and securely. 

It is easy to operate and handles everything similar to cPanel, such as SSL setup, email management, daily backups, and database management.

Apart from that, you will get incredible security and other tools that cost $84/month with cPanel. 

3: WordPress Optimization with sWordPress Manager

Scala Hosting has an exclusive WordPress-oriented service in their WordPress hosting plan known as sWordPress manager. It comes at no extra cost to the user and is a management utility for WordPress.

It ensures thorough security by adding custom security rules, a malware scanner, and a dedicated firewall. Using sWordPress manager, you can easily add and optimize your WordPress websites and enable automatic updates.

Scala Hosting sWordPress Manager

4: Decent Speed & Response Time

Whenever considering a hosting service for your website, speed and performance are crucial factors to consider.

Scala web server has a decent loading time of 585 ms. When we compare this time with other web hosting services, it is a commendable speed.

The repeated speed tests show strong results, with the fastest speed being 37 ms. Some performance tests were also conducted with the VPS servers. The Scala hosting’s VPS servers were even faster. Overall, the performance of the site is good.

5: Average Uptime

Uptime is very important for any website; hence, it is important to find a good host with decent uptime.

Scala hosting has already taken care of this issue even before becoming popular in the hosting business. It has set up two servers in each of the cabinets so that it is possible to take full advantage of 2 GB connectivity. 

Hence it maintains good performance even in cases of high traffic. The average uptime is 99.72%, just near its 99.9% uptime guarantee. If you do not get it this time, then you are refunded.

6: Ensure Daily Automatic Backups

Scala hosting has a great system of daily backups. It offers a daily backup of your data from the last 7 days to look at the previous week’s activity.

To generate backups, you first need to log in to cPanel, click on Backups, then click on the ‘Generate full backup’ option.

After that, you are ready to download the archive version of your site by logging in through the FTP server and then removing it from the hosting server.

7: Free Domain and Site Migration

Scala Website Migration

Scala hosting can make the migration process easier by giving a free migration service with every plan. The plan includes popular .com, .net, .org, .info, and .eu domain extensions.

When you log in with them and ask them to migrate to the site, they will do it free of charge and give you clearance.

However, keep in mind that their cheapest plan allows you to migrate to only one website. If you wish to migrate to more websites, you need to upgrade to a higher Scala hosting plan for your requirements.

8: Free SSL and CDN

Nowadays, the importance of SSL protection for the website is inevitable. Scala offers free ‘Let’s Encrypt certificates’, which can be effectively used for all types of websites. Once you check out with any plan you choose, a free SSL certificate will automatically be added to your cart.

Also, it gives a free Cloudflare CDN, which allows you to save data for a faster website loading speed.

9: Offers White Label Hosting

The one thing that differentiates Scala Hosting from other web hosting services is its “White Label Hosting” offer. White Label Hosting allows you to resell other companies’ web hosting services on your brand name and logo.

It means that you can resell the bandwidth, servers, storage, and other hosting features offered by some other web hosting company as your own. This feature allows you to develop a service portfolio and earn more from web hosting.

10: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Unfortunately, Scala hosting doesn’t offer any free trial period. However, the good news is you can freely test out their services and avail yourself of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, in case you didn’t find their service satisfactory, you can request a full refund and cancel the subscription.

Alternatively, you can also select the cheapest one-month plan at the cost of $0.99. Once the duration gets over, you can decide whether to continue with the same, upgrade to a higher one, or even leave the service.

11: 24/7 Customer Support Service

Scala hosting’s customer support team is highly remarkable with 24/7 live chat and ticket support. You can also find a knowledge base on the Scala website to answer the most common questions.

When you contact them for your inquiries with their live chat support, you can expect their average response time of 30 seconds, which is pretty quick, and customer satisfaction. On the other hand, you will get a response within 15 minutes through the ticket support system.

On an overall basis, their customer service is very useful and extremely helpful at the same time.

Scala Hosting Pricing and Plans

Scala web server offers shared WordPress and reseller hosting along with their excellent hosting solutions: Managed Cloud VPS. Scala claims that this offering is designed by combining all the advantages of other options. Be it reliability, performance, or support: Cloud VPS has it all at an affordable price. 

The Scala hosting pricing and features details of all hosting plans are as follows:

1: Shared Hosting

The Shared Hosting offered by Scala Hosting has three available plans. They offer these plans on an annual basis, and there is no monthly option available. 

ScalaHosting Shared Hosting Plan

Mini Plan – It is the basic plan that starts at $7.95 per month for one year. The offers include 20 GB SSD storage and unlimited data transfers per month. 

Start Plan – The Start plan costs about $10.95 per month for a year. This plan provides 50 GB SSD storage, real-time security monitoring, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited website hosting. 

Advanced Plan – The Advanced and expensive plan starts at $15.95. This plan offers about 100 GB SSD storage and hosts unlimited websites. This plan lets you use a free trial for just 99 cents. Apart from that, you will get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, and SEO analysis worth $49 for free.

Their hosting plan renewal rates are high, so the longer you stick to the plan, the lower the cost you will get. 

2: Scala Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

The Scala Hosting VPS web hosting plan has four available plans. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. These plans are a good option if you are looking for dedicated server power and high reliability. 

Scala Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

The Start Plan – The Start plan costs around $19.95 per month. It offers 20 GB SSD storage, one core CPU power, unlimited data transfers, and other additional features. 

The Advanced Plan – The Advanced plan starts at $31.95 per month and comes with 30GB of SSD storage, two cores of CPU power, and 4GB RAM. 

Business Plan – The Business plan improves the advanced plan option by increasing the two CPU cores to four with 6 GB RAM and 50 GB storage. It starts at $51.95 per month. 

Enterprise Plan – This top-notch hosting plan costs you around $73.95 per month and consists of six CPU cores, 80 GB Storage, and 8 GB RAM. 

3: Scala Self-Managed Cloud VPS Hosting 

The self-managed cloud VPS Hosting offered by Scala Hosting has four available plans. These plans scale according to your business requirements and can be self-managed.

Scala Self Managed Cloud VPS hosting

The Start Plan – The Start plan costs $10 per month and contains one CPU core, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD storage, and 3TB monthly data transfers.

The Advanced Plan – The Advanced plan costs $19 per month and offers two CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, and 70 GB SSD storage.

The Business Plan – The Business Plan starts at $33 per month and bumps up the CPU cores to four besides providing 6GB RAM and 100 GB SSD storage. 

The Enterprise Plan – The Enterprise plan costs $49 per month and contains 6 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, and 150GB SSD storage. The Windows-based option costs an additional $20. 

You can also tweak the standard plans and customize them however you wish.

4: WordPress Web Hosting

Scala Hosting has the option to install the popular CMS WordPress on any server. It also offers servers, especially WordPress. WordPress Web Hosting has three options that have similar pricing as Shared Hosting plans.

5: Reseller Hosting

Scala Reseller Hosting lets you start your website hosting business without having to invest in infrastructure. The starting plan costs around $14.95 per month and offers one CPU core, 25 GB SSD storage, and 1TB monthly data transfer. You can open up to 20 cPanel accounts using this plan.

The other option starts at $38.95 per month and contains 60 cPanel accounts alongside one CPU core, 75 GB SSD storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers.

Scala Reseller Hosting

Is ScalaHosting Good for You?

If you are looking for a reliable, secure, and high-performance web hosting service, Scala Hosting is ideal for you. They let you choose your plan from a wide variety of options.

Moreover, their services are affordable and help you stick to your budget. The completely managed Cloud VPS service is one of the best in the web hosting industry. They also offer fantastic features like 24/7 support, daily backup, dedicated IP address, etc.

Scala Hosting Review- Pros

  • It is a trustworthy service for the clients.
  • With your first sign-up in Scala Hosting, you get a free domain name.
  • Scala Hosting has a good score for speed.
  • Customers are being answered by a 24/7 Live chat and ticket support system.
  • It offers a free SSL certificate to ensure domain security.

Scala Hosting Review – Cons

  • A limited number of server locations when trying to increase the customer base in Asian countries.
  • When going for the cheapest offered plan, you have the limitation of hosting only one website in Scala Hosting.
  • If the traffic exceeds the maximum traffic amount prescribed for the website, the site will perform poorly.

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FAQs – Scala Hosting Review

How Should I Choose the Best Hosting Plan from Scala Hosting?

Study the various options offered by Scala Hosting and understand your needs. Choose the category that fits all your requirements and is according to your budget. This approach will help you find the right option according to your preferences.

Will I Get Free Website Migration with Scala Hosting?

Yes. Scala Hosting offers a free migration as part of their hosting packages. Their technical experts will migrate to as many websites as you need without charging you a penny. There will be no downtime. Plus, the experts will ensure the smooth working of the website on the new server.

Is Scala Hosting Suitable for Blogs?

Scala Hosting is one of the best web hosts to start your blogging website. They have cost-effective plans with numerous features like free domain, storage, SSL, etc.   

How To Avail of a Refund from Scala Hosting?

Scala Hosting offers you 30 days of a money-back guarantee. If you choose to change your mind before that, you’ll get a full refund on request for any plan you purchased.

Over to you

We hope we were able to give you a detailed Scala hosting review. We tried to compile everything about Scala hosting that you should know before investing in any of its plans.

In conclusion, Scala Hosting has been in the web hosting industry for the last ten years and has established its credibility by offering outstanding features at a reasonable rate. They have a wide variety of options that let you select a plan best suited for your needs.

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