PBN Hosting Web Application Review: What you must know before using in 2023. In this piece, I’ll be discussing and its PBN hosting capabilities.

SeekaHost has been the leading hosting provider for multiple IP hosting needs of private blog network builders. The latest PBN manager tool gives everything to host and manage private blogs including a domain availability checker to find and register domains.

If you already own a PBN and seek a better host, or just wish to create a new PBN, you’re at the right place.

The best part? You get 7 days of 100% free trial. So regardless of what this review says, you can always get form own opinion, for free!

Let’s see if it’s worth your time then. PBN Hosting Review PBN Hosting Web Application Review: What you must know before using

While this sure is a review, I’ve taken a different route on this one.

I’ll list out the points you should know about SeekaHost’s PBN hosting. This will also cover its primary features while giving you the points you should be aware of.

Introduction: Aka SeekaPanel is a hosting control panel that provides domain registration and WordPress hosting via an easy-to-use web application. It offers PBN hosting servers with multiple IP address hosting as well as easy WordPress hosting servers with A-class IUP addresses for SEO hosting needs.”

Let’s get going then.

1. offers unique IP addresses.

One of the primary reasons why PBNs fail is because they’re detected and penalized, right? has PBN-dedicated packages. These servers are specialized, designed to host anonymous, undetectable PBN servers.

On these PBN packages, you get a unique IP, that’s completely unrelated to the other IPs your other PBN blogs get.

This makes sure they can’t be linked together, or to a single admin (you).

2. No manual “specialization” required.

PBN may sound technical, but it really isn’t. Not at least with No manual special steps/skills are required to set these unique IPs up.

Each time you create a blog on, the unique IP is auto-assigned. You get a combination of A-class, B-class and C-class IP addresses for each of your blogs.

3. You can go for the more advanced and best-in-class A-class IP addresses

It’s the only PBN host I know that lets you buy A-class IP addresses at the prices that it does. These cost about $2.00/month.

These are the best IPs you can get. You can host your primary sites, PBNs, personal sites or anything else here.

What’s special is, these are the cleanest, most unique and safest IP addresses. Moreover, these are on the “cloud” servers rather than the traditional servers. This means extreme ease with scalability and upgrades.

Sure, you can just use the PBN-packages, those are more than capable of hosting your PBN blogs. However, using these is like using the Buggati of PBNs.

4. offers in-built expired domain list and expiry checker.

What’s the first thing you do when you decide to build a PBN? Well, I personally started scourging for (clean) expired domains. takes care of that for me, for free.  It has this “expired domains list” that’s available for everyone. You don’t have to be a customer to get access.


What’s more impressive than the list? Their metrics! As you can see, for each domain SeekaHost also lists:

  • The domains age
  •  DA
  • PA
  • no. of backlinks,
  • referring domains and many other metrics.

This not only saves you time, but also saves you search-credits if you’re using a credit-based SEO tool.

Once you see a domain you like, you can register it right away using the “Buy now” link. Although, you can also manually go to the domain name registrar on and register the domain manually.

5. You get 7 days for free.

One of the primary attractions on this PBN Hosting web application review? Their 7-day free trial. You can try their PBN hosting, for as many blogs as you want, 100% free for 7-days.

Note that this isn’t a refund policy. Rather, it’s truly a 100% free trial. Meaning, you aren’t charged anything for the first 7days.

Cancelling within these 7-days is an automated process. You simply click a “Cancel” button. No manual e-mails or support tickets required.

This is a guarantee by itself, isn’t it? Which other company you know lets you create multiple (even 10+ ) blogs, 100% free for 7 days and then lets you cancel in just a click if you don’t like it?

6. It has integrated domain name checker and registrar.

Building websites is a hassle if you’ve got the domain on a different provider, and the server on another. eliminates that problem entirely. It has an integrated domain name availability checker and registrar.


You can search for your domains and register them from your dashboard.  This makes managing the domain much easier and saves time, doesn’t it? can be used to register most top-level domain extensions, including .com/.net/,org etc. Country-level extensions such as .in/ .na/.ae etc. too are supported. Even the newer extensions such as .app/.dev/.tech etc. can be registered.

7. Very easy and beginner-friendly interface

If you’re reading this, chances are this is your first PBN. is probably the most beginner-friendly PBN hosting out there.

For starters, they’ve completely deleted the cPanel. Instead, they replaced those with a simpler panel without all the clutter.


You can create a PBN literally by clicking on the “Create a WP Blog” button. It takes seconds.

8. offers 1-click WordPress

Hey, if you’re reading this, I’m sure installing WordPress is nothing new to you. However, something being easy always helps, doesn’t it?

With, WordPress is auto-installed with just a single click. The credentials are displayed on the dashboard, as well as your e-mail. Neat, isn’t it?

9. has a very responsive support team, but no live-chat.

I wish to make this PBN Hosting Web Application Review honest and unbiased. So, it’s best I let you know that there’s no live-chat (as of yet).

However, they do provide very fast and responsive support via tickets. These are in-built into your dashboard.

10. Very detailed knowledge base and video guides makes sure you can create a PBN regardless of your skill-level. It has a very detailed knowledge base on its “Knowledge Base” page.


This covers everything you’ll ever need. Installation, plugins, WordPress updates, migration, e-mails and what not.

You get “text based” guides, with step-by-step screenshots, as well as video guides showcasing the entire process.

11. One plan to host it all

Because PBNs are always “more than one site”, SeekaHost has curated its PBN packages keeping that in mind.

You can go for a PBN package that supports just 1 website, or a package that supports up to 150 websites! You get to manage all of those under the same dashboard.

12. offers free migrations

If you’ve already got your WordPress blog on another host, will migrate you for free.

Now, the process generally involves generating a complete backup, downloading it, re-uploading it onto your new blog if you do this manually.

However, you don’t go through any of that if you use

13. Your PBNs are secure on

PBNs are often targeted, not just by search engines but by your competitors as well. Especially if you’ve made the mistake of sharing the links on social media for some weird reason.

Fortunately, has in-built DDoS protection. So, your competitors trying to bring your network down would have to work a tad bit harder.

14. It’s arguably the cheapest PBN host you can go for.

In my personal experience, I haven’t come across a cheaper PBN host. I say that because its plans start at a very low $1.35/site.


If you go for some of the more expensive plans, it’s discounted down to $1.15/blog/month.

15. offers servers from many different locations

In order to erase your PBN footprint, one of the things does is use servers from many different locations.

Most other cheap PBN providers simply offer you a different server from the same farm. This isn’t very private.

On the other hand, changes the entire country and even continent of your PBNs. As a result, even a deep scan will in almost all cases not reveal your PBN.

16. accepts both Credit cards and Paypal.

When making payments, you can use a Credit Card or a Paypal account. Yes, you can use both of these to avail the 7-day free trial as well.

17. also offers e-mail hosting.

This isn’t a feature that will change much for you in terms of PBNs. However, creating a custom e-mail does make your PBN look more authentic and legit. offers email hosting for just $1.00/month.

Signing off- PBN Hosting Web Application Review: What you must know before using

By now, you’ve got at least some idea of what is, what it offers and if it’s the right PBN hosting solution for you.

In a nutshell, you get hosting dedicated to PBNs, keeping all their privacy and anonymity in mind. A-class IPs make sure you get the elite experience if you pay for it.

The interface is another attraction. It makes sure even first-timers can create their PBNs in seconds, without any prior experience.

Then there’s the free migration, anti-DDoS and integrated domain registrar to take things to the next level.

If you’re sceptical, just give their 7-day free trial a try. No losses there eh?  This is me, signing off this PBN Hosting Web Application Review: What you must know before using. Hope it helped.

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