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In the last article, you learned about what web hosting is and why you need fast web hosting. Now it is time to know about types of web hosting and which hosting you should choose. 

Many web hosts offer different hosting types at separate price tags that you can choose according to your needs and budget. 

Types of Web Hosting

Many hosting providers in the market provide different types of web hosting according to user needs and budgets. Every hosting plan type is further divided into several parts that you can choose as per your requirement. 

Let’s see a short Brief of each hosting. 

1: Shared Web Hosting

As it is named, you can self-determine that shared hosting uses a web server shared between multiple accounts. In these types of web hosting services, multiple websites are hosted on a single server.  

The number can be a few sites to hundreds. Generally, all the websites use all the resources such as Ram and the CPU server. 

In shared web hosting, you will get the basic features that are not very flexible in terms of software and updates. That’s why these Hosting types are relatively cheap and suitable for beginners or a website with less traffic. 

2: Reseller Web Hosting

In Reseller hosting, the account holder can sell the hard disk space and the bandwidth for hosting the websites. Here the reseller purchases the host’s services in bulk and sells them for profit so that the seller makes his share of the profit.

The main advantages of reseller web hosting are that it is cheaper than shared hosting plans. Basically, reseller web hosting is an inexpensive way of web hosting. Where entrepreneurs who start a new company where would want to save on costs. 

3: Virtual Private Server Web Hosting

VPS Hosting is basically breaking a simple single server into multiple servers called Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Here, each server acts like the primary server as these can be rebooted on their own without depending on other systems. 

Basically, VPS web hosting blends high performance, better security, flexibility, and efficient cost perfectly all into one. Because in this type of hosting, the server features and resources aren’t shared with any other website. Since VPS hosting uses cPanel, which is one of the best control panels, it provides the best performance to the users.

Most importantly, VPS Hosting is available for a cost much lower when this one is compared with dedicated server hosting. 

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4: Dedicated Hosting 

Dedicated means exclusive, which refers to the single computer to handle the client’s needs. By leasing the hosting server from a hosting provider, which dedicates the whole server to the client. The main advantage of using dedicated server hosting is that LINUX and UNIX are provided to the customers for free.

In dedicated web hosting, the users are provided with several monitoring and scanning software to keep hackers and spammers away from your site. 

These types of web hosting are also best suited for the business class of customers as these types of web hosting are very exclusive. 

5: WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress Web hosting is one of the most adopted options for web hosting. It is the modified version of traditional shared hosting but specially optimized for WordPress to give better performance in terms of speed and security. And along with this most adopted web hosting mode, all you need to select is the best web host.  

If you are not choosing a reliable web hosting service then you will have to face many problems in the future like server downtime, the non-working of plugins. It may affect the Google ranking of the page.

WordPress has a simple interface, and even people who are new to the world of a website can manage it very efficiently. 

6: Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based hosting is the latest technology and new invention in the web hosting world. Cloud hosting operates with the help of multiple connected servers instead of limiting the webserver to a single server, unlike traditional web hosting services. 

In cloud hosting your website has access to multiple servers due to which the processing power of the server becomes practically unlimited. Which has its own set of benefits. When one server of cloud hosting crashes or fails, your full website will automatically be shifted to another server. 

These processes will not let your website downtime period without any data and traffic loss. The most significant advantage of using cloud web hosting is that it’s highly secure and safe. 


That is all in types of web hosting and I am quite sure that you have learned to refresh your knowledge about web hosting and its types. All types of web hosting have some specific features as per their plan and price.

You should always consider your needs and budgets while purchasing your web hosting plans otherwise you will face many issues.

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