Do you know what is web hosting? How does web hosting work? What are the types of web hosting? If yes, then it’s good to refresh your knowledge. 

If you aren’t aware of web hosting, you are in the right place. Here I am going to explain each and everything related to Web hosting.

First of all, you need to know that web hosting is the essential element and must-have part of any business or website you have seen on the internet. 

Without hosting, you can’t make your website or business online. So, let’s go ahead and see more about web hosting without wasting any time.

What is Web Hosting Mean?

Well, hosting is storage provided by web hosts to store your website online. It is also known as a web space you have to take on rent from some popular web hosts. When you want to create a blog or website then you need to buy a server for the website or any blog.

Let me explain it with some examples that will help you to know what website hosting means,

What does web hosting Mean

Suppose you want to live in any city or whatever place you want. In such a situation you need a house, in such a situation either you need to build your own house, or you need to take it on rent. Am I right?

Same As that, if you want to create a website or start an online business, you need hosting (Web space) to host your data. Either you make your server which costs more and is very difficult to manage. 

So, it would be best if you took a web space (hosting) on rent from any hosting provider. According to your requirements and budgets, you can purchase hosting that fulfills all your needs. 

How Web Hosting Works?

After purchasing your hosting, you can host your (store your website data) website information to make your blog or business online. When someone searches by typing your website name (URL) or address in any browser, their computer connects to your web hosting. 

After that, your web server will start responding and sending content to the user’s browser that you have stored in your hosting storage. That is how your data or web pages will start showing to your visitors. 

See the image below to understand the better way. 

How Web Hosting Works

In short, hosting is required to store all your website data, which is available for displaying when any user wants to see it by searching your website address in search engines. 

Which Type of Hosting do I Need?

No one can tell you precisely which hosting is very suitable because it totally depends on your needs and budgets or which kinds of websites you want to build. 

Apart from that, it would be best if you considered the following things while choosing your web hosting plan for your online startup. 

  • Speed and Storage
  • Security and Reliability
  • Support and Features
  • Plans and Pricing

It would be best to consider these things to get a perfect Hosting for your blog or website so that you will never face any big issues in the future. 

The essential part is hosting speed to make or destroy your business. Because if you have chosen bad hosting, it will take you toward failure. 

Do you know according to some surveys, if your website took more than 3 seconds to load, 57% of your audience will leave your website and go elsewhere? Along with that, more than 80% of those visitors will never come back.

You can find many surveys and facts describing the bad impact of slow loading time and fast loading websites’ benefits.

So, it is obvious that you need fast web hosting, which is provided by a trusted hosting provider across the world. 


I am sure that you can now understand what web hosting is and how it works and know why you required fast web hosting. 

Now you will see the types of hosting and which hosting you should buy for a website or business in the next article. 

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Best Wishes for Your Online Startup.

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